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#295 Regular Meeting

Shibuya Toastmasters Club had the 295th meeting on August 7, 2019 @ Shibuya Cultural Center Owada with 7 international guests and 2 toastmasters from other clubs. TMOE was TM Taka1.

Personally I was nervous before the meeting started because many of our regular members were absent due to their business or family matter. Mid-summer seasons always annoy us as fewer people attend the meetings. But, this summer brought us such wonderful guests from outside our club!

Thank you for coming, Mushtag, Oliver, Minjae, Jina, Maki, Toshi, Sangwon, Daniel, and Hiroshi. We are looking forward to seeing you again!

Award winners of the evening were:

■Best prepared speaker: TM Atsushi " Harukas" with calm, poetic but passionate approach ■Best evaluator: Area Director TM Maki for TM Naomi's insightful speech " Experiencing and remembering: the peak-end rule" ■Best table topic speaker: Oliver, who talked about unforgettable memory of a travel in his childhood


Word of the evening: "acquire"

to get something, especially something important or valuable



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