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#300 Milestone Meeting!

We are pleased to announce that Shibuya Toastmasters Club marked the milestone of the 300th meeting on October 16th, 2019, the very first year of Reiwa Era.

Former president TM Teppei Ikeda gave us an insightful workshop titled "the Four Secrets of Good Table Topic Speech". He revealed useful tips to select the theme, build up a structure, create a story and attract the audience. After the lecture, we were highly motivated and enjoyed creating impromptu speeches following the method.

TM Yuji presented two fantastic videos that told us the history and achievement of our club. We enjoyed them very much! The day was also "the Crown Day". Colorful paper crowns on everyone's head livened up the event!

Many guests visited our club and celebrated the special day together in a warm, festive atmosphere.

Best table topic speaker of the evening was the guest from BBT-Bond TMC, TM Ruskyle. Congrats!!!

TM Ruskyle and TMOE TM Taka

We also congratulated TM Paul who was recently recognized as the Distinguished Toastmaster!

TM Paul and Shibuya members

A fellow toastmaster said, "When the meeting was finished, we felt a great sense of accomplishment, and at the same time, we were filled with a sense of appreciation for many people who had supported us until we held the 300th meeting." You can say that again.

This 300th meeting is the beginning of our new voyage.

Sitting President TM Yohei

TM Teppei Ikeda

P.S. We appreciate your contribution, TM Rune. (Unfortunately, she couldn't make it.)



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