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#301 Regular meeting

Shibuya Toastmasters Club had the 301st meeting on 6th November 2019 @ Kinro Fukushi Kaikan with 1 Japanese guests. TMOE was TM Yohei Kuroda. Fortunately, we had 3 prepared speakers and 3 evaluators as usual. In table topics session, TM Miho Kumura of Table topic(TT) master recapped 300th meeting of workshop by TM Teppei Ikeda. We could learn the tips of TT again. After the meeting, we enjoyed Hub(beer bar) as well.

Thank you for coming, TM Nao Oosuga. We are looking forward to seeing you again!

Award winners of the evening were: ■Best prepared speaker: TM Rune Kobayashi ■Best evaluator: TM Haruki Isobe ■Best table topic speaker: TM Sanwong Congratulations!!



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