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Meeting on 17th July 2019

Meeting on 17th July 2019

We had a second regular meeting in 2019-2020. It was first time for 2 members to conduct following items. •Taka1(VPE) He acted as a president, instead of TM Yohei.

•Yuji Asai(TMOE) He presided over the meeting for the first time.

There were 3 great speeches in the meeting.

1)TM Tomomi : Meditation (Title : Just sitting)

2)TM Taka1:Magic (Title : Pay attention to your line of sight)

3)TM Miyuki: Glaciers (Title : an inconvenient truth)

Best Prepared Speaker : TM Taka1

Best Evaluator : TM Haruki Isobe

Best Table Topic Speaker : TM Hiroyuki Kusumi





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